suboxone settlement fund

I had to pay a fee but it was worth it, Got a Check for $142. They are not ALL what I was told. a decade of my life gone, and who knows how much longer. There are ppl that dont have a clue bout wtf the shit does. There is a link on this page to fill out a claim. Ive paid a heavy price financially as well. This medication is more addictive physically than any ive ever taken, and i was forced on it by a doctor and CPS, i should file my own private suit since im still currently on it and have been since 2011 and have tried getting off of it to no avail for the past 6-7 years. Plz get a proper understanding before u say shit thats nothing to do with anything here or making sense of it. SACRAMENTO - California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced a $300 million settlement against Indivior plc and Indivior Inc. (collectively, "Indivior") resolving claims that Indivior falsely and aggressively marketed Suboxone, resulting in improper use of state Medicaid funds. I want to know who I can contact that can actually find the defiency notice I completed online and want paid because Im entitled to it. YOU CAN USE IT ANYWHERE MASTERCARD IS ACCEPTED. Dang! You basically feel you have no choice but to be on it.

CLEVELAND The three major drug distributors and an opioid manufacturer have reached a $260 million settlement with two Ohio counties to avoid the landmark first federal opioid . With mail being so screwed up in so many places it may take a week or more to get the checks or card. I was able to email them before payments were sent and changed mine from paypal to a check and they changed my payment preference and it camr as it should have. Unable to submit form. Id never had Medicaid so I didnt know I had to be switched from pregnancy Medicaid to regular so many mts after giving birth. Opioid retailers (pharmacies like CVS, WALGREENS, WALMART, and GIANT EAGLE) have long been defendants in major state and federal bellwether trials, which is likely why the major pharmacies for a time were " conspicuously absent from most of the publicly reported settlement offers in the opioid MDL.". Today the check is in the mail for over 50,000 people suffering from opioid addiction a pandemic in its own right still ravaging our communities who were misled by these parties, acting Chairwoman Rebecca Slaughter said in the release. WAIVES $69.99 FEE. Ended up realizing that everyone still assumed I had but was just lying about it. But Thanks for the check. all i want is to get off and forget. I paid 200 for years is there a way to file now even if a got an attorney?